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Top - RABBINIC VOICES - Berel Wein

Rabbi Berel Weirs 5000 Years of Jewish History
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Date :10 July 2012
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Clip 79 Movies and The Jews
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A Destiny Production by Berel Wein Rabbi Wein teaches about the decline of the Hasmoneans
Rabbi Wein teaches about the Sir Moses Montefiore
Rabbi Wein teaches about The Gaon of Vilna
Rabbi Wein teaches about the Sephardic world
Rabbi Wein teaches about Thomas Jefferson and the Jews Rabbi Wein teaches about the reverberations after Shabbatai Tzvi Rabbi Wein teaches about the rise of Reform
The Jewish people leave Egypt after the Egyptians suffer 10 plagues and finally the Pharoah relents- allowing the Jewish people to leave under the leadership of Moses. 80% of the Jewish people die in Egypt, but the remaining 20% who escape total around 3 million people. The Pharoah pursues the Jewish people into the desert, cornering them at the sea. A great miracle of the splitting of the sea occurs- the Egyptians are drowned while the Jews cross on dry land. The Torah is given at Mount Sinai... Rabbi Wein teaches about the Haskalah (Enlightenment)
http://JewishHistory.orgRabbi Wein teaches about the period of the Geonim
Jacob escapes the wrath of his brother Esau, who is naturally very disturbed that Jacob obtained the birthright, even though Jacob is entitled to it. We all know that there is no fight like a family fight, and there\'s no family fight like a fight over inheritance. There is something within us that demands our right at all costs. Therefore- Esau sets out to kill his brother, even though history has taught us that in general this type of violence solves nothing (though completely wiping out an e...
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