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44 - Devarim - Deuteronomy 1.1-3:22 Devarim
Rabbi Krebs - A short inspirational idea relating to the weekly portion.
Date: 2010-07-10 01:04:22 - Added by: Guest
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Hillel said: If I am not for myself, who will be for me, and if ......Pirkei Avot 5
Personal development through the eyes of our sages,
Date: 2010-07-07 01:44:15 - Added by: Guest
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Machon Chana - 57 Rosh HaShana
Date: 2010-07-01 16:24:14 - Added by: Guest
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Personal Judaism - Rabbi Greenbaum
How to find the inner connection through Prayer
Date: 2010-06-29 23:59:00 - Added by: Guest
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61 - Fast of 17 of Tammuz - Rabbi Krebs Parshat Pinchas
A short inspirational idea relating to the weekly Parsha, festival or current events.
Date: 2010-06-28 23:05:00 - Added by: Guest
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Milk and Meat
Short video by Rabbi Ari Kahn, explaining the Torah obligation to separate milk and meat.Produced by JewishPathways.com, the more advanced learning site of Aish.com, offering self-paced, online courses in Jewish thought and observance.Visit us at http://www.JewishPathways.com
Date: 2010-06-26 20:28:08 - Added by: Guest
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39 - Chukat Bamidbar - Numbers 19:1-22:1
A short inspirational idea relating to the weekyl Parsha.
Date: 2010-06-13 16:58:33 - Added by: Guest
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Lori Almost Live: My Commencement Speech (from Aish.com)
Lori Palatnik's video blog from Aish.com, Lori Almost Live, for the week of May 31-June, 6, 2009. This entry is entitled
Date: 2010-06-10 21:16:18 - Added by: Guest
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16-yr old Daniel confronts lion's den of haters to stand for the honor of Israel
Amidst an angry mob of Muslim and far-leftist anti-Israel demonstrators, a lone 16-year old Jewish boy marches against a global blood-libel against the Jewish state of Israel. American "Daniel" stands-up against the "conventional wisdom" of the street (and the mob's agitation). His bravery evokes a mob reaction of religious rivalry, not political opposition to Israel's intercepting the sea blockade busting, militants' ship. The mainly-Muslim Palestinian supporters' behavior belies a motivation of a blood-feud, inconsistent with their professed trustworthiness for sovereignty alongside the Jewish State, sharing rule in the city of Jerusalem. Outside of the Israeli Consulate to L.A. on Memorial Day - a Jewish high-school student defiantly waved the Israeli flag to stand up for the Israeli Marines' handling of the Flotilla matter in the face of rumors and cover-ups. The L.A.P.D. had to establish a human wall to intervene to protect Daniel (and an ensuing couple of Israel supporters) from the growing lynch-mob (who, ironically, the Arabs came to exonerate). When a Muslim protestor cries, "Allahu akhbar" to incite the crowd against the Jewish boy - the opposition to Israel's politics become subordinated to the notion of "Holy War" as a driving force. Calling to "Free Palestine, a young woman demonstrator reveals that it means more than Israel's presence in the West Bank - by it they are proclaiming their goal of destroying Israel and conquering it for Palestine.
Date: 2010-06-07 06:28:20 - Added by: Guest
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Suicide Activists on the Gaza Flotilla
Why initiate a violent confrontation wtih the Israeli Army? What was the real agenda of the Gaza Flotilla?
Date: 2010-06-07 05:52:34 - Added by: Guest
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