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Rabbi Avram Rothman is the Rav of the Thornhill Community Shul For more contact Thornhill Community Shul, www,thornhillshul,com, email ravavi@rogers,com
Ohr Torah Stone - Rabbi Shlomo Riskin is Chief Rabbi Of Efrat
Rabbi Aaron Greenberg is the Director of the Jewish Learning Initiative Campus - JLIC - Toronto; a project of the Orthodox Union - OU - in partnership with Hillel of Greater Toronto.
The Words and Wisdom Of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch - Rabbi David Ostriker is the Founder of KosherTube - This class was recorded at the Thornhill Community Shul For more contact Thornhill Community Shul, www,, email ravavi@rogers,com
Ohr Torah Stone Torah Lights - Rav Riskin is The Chief Rabbi of Efrat Israel
Whay did God command Noach to build a giant Ship that could NOT possibly hold all the animals?
Rabbi Zaltsman is the Senior Rabbi and founder of the Jewish Russian Community Center of Ontario - • 5987 Bathurst Street Suite 3 • Toronto, ON M2R 1Z3 • Canada • 416-222-7105
What does the Zohar say about the Noach Parsha and the energy for the week? Spend five minutes with world-class lecturer and author Rabbi DovBer Pinson for thoughtful insights.
Pilpul on the size of the Teva Noah's Ark
The srecret of the nuber 15 Shem Yud Keh- the dimentions of yam shel shlomo and tevas noach 15 150 15.000 Yehoshua Kah Yoshiacha Meatzas Meraglim
Tzadik Tomim
What does the Zohar say about Noach and the energy for the week?
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