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18 - Mishpotim
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Date :13 October 2009
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Rabbi Aaron Selevan, is a member of Nishma-s Circle of Scholars www,nishma,org
Rabbi Aaron Selevan, is a member of Nishma-s Circle of Scholars www,nishma,org
Ohr Torah Stone Torah Lights - Rav Shlomo Riskin is The Chief Rabbi of Efrat Israel
Ohr Torah Stone Torah Lights Rav Riskin Efrat
HaRav Yitzchak Ginsburgh, Parshat Mishpatim 5771: 7 principles for physicians and caregivers Parshat Mishpatim includes the injunction that physicians have permission and by it an obligation to heal patients - The special wording of the injunction, "Heal, he shall heal" is interpreted in many different ways - Among these are 7 that provide a set of principles to guide physicians and caregivers in their practice.
We will do and we will listen... to our children
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