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Thinking parents – religious and not religious, Jewish and not-Jewish –  know that the Internet can be a dangerous place for children and adults alike.  While we can all agree that the net is a terrific tool for business, research, and communication, we must also admit that the net is filled with Shmutz (the Yiddish word for dirt).   Social-networking and interactive-video sites are tremendously popular, but their content has also ruined marriages, families, and individual lives.  It is sad that a technology with such great potential for good can so easily become a perverse and pernicious presence in our lives.

KosherTube is a safe haven on the net for you and your family: an interactive video site that is safe for children (and their parents), which is Shmutz-free.

In order to do this we need your participation and a little of your patience.

To encourage your participation, we have given KosherTube many interactive features that will be familiar to those who upload videos to YouTube (or other such sites).  If you have a video of a Kosher Wedding or Bar Mitzvah, a dazzling insight into the weekly Torah portion, or anything else you may want your distant family or your friend next door to see, we invite you to upload it to KosherTube.

But before you send your friends and family to to view your video, please give us a little time to view it first.  (That's the patience part.)  We can only deliver on our promise of a Shmutz-free site by vetting every video before we flip the switch to make it viewable by the public.  All decisions on what will and will not be displayed on KosherTube are made by our staff with Kosher Supervision from our Rabbinic advisors.   This takes some effort  (and more time than other video sites would be willing to spend) but we think it's worth it.  We hope you agree.

So please... jump in and enjoy all of our interactive features, and know that you have at last reached a safe harbor in a turbulent sea.

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Random FAQ

How do Kosher Jews treat the name of God?

[ Answer? ]

The name of God in any language is in and of itself holy, and Jewish law forbids its destruction. Consequently, many Jews will spell it in unusual ways such as G-d. Our Rabbinical advisors permit us to type out the name because on a computer monitor the image of words does not have the solidity and permanence of a document. However, we have been cautioned to ask you not to print out materials that have such a name on them, unless you are prepared to dispose of such a page in the proper manner. (Burial of such pages is best.)




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