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In this shiur we discuss avoiding suspicion, danger and supernatural menace.
Something Interesting About ... Your Soulmate
In this shiur, we discuss several pints related to Eliyahu HaNavi.
In this shiur, we discuss tikkun chatzos, if it is found in shas, and why. We also talk about censorship and how this gemara reads without it.
In this shiur, we explain most of siman 2. We discuss the mishmaros and avoid a machlokes in metzius.
In this shiur, we discuss the concept of bein hashmashos and uncertainty in general.
In this shiur, we continue with siman 1. We analyze a drasha and discuss derashos in general. We give an explanation for tummah. We also suggest two reasons why the gemara would note what is usual for people to remark, when it is discussing a halacha.
In this shiur, we discuss the source of authority for rabbinic interpretation and how to decide in cases of disagreement
In this shiur, we finish the first mishna and explain why chazal made some of their siyyagim.
In this shiur, we identify the source for zman krias shema and explain why it is a topic of debate in the mishna. We also advance an explanation as to why the zman is defined in that fashion.
An overview of Krias Shema
This is the introduction to a series of shiurim on Ein Yaakov
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