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Rabbi Krebs 48 Ways - Day 13
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Date :23 April 2012
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Rabbi Krebs
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Partners in Torah - http://www,partnersintorah,org - Brings You Harry-s Video Blog and the always entertaining Harry Rothenberg. Stay tuned for Harry's weekly video blog where he will be highlighting the weekly Torah portion, a mitzvah, or a Jewish holiday along with a contemporary application and a healthy slice of humor.
Rabbi Aaron Selevan, is a member of Nishma-s Circle of Scholars www,nishma,org
Rabbi Aaron Selevan, is a member of Nishma-s Circle of Scholars www,nishma,org
Shira Smiles speaks about how Lag B\'Omer should awaken in us an understanding the significance of our personal importance to G-d, and recognize His Love and Devotion to us. We should use this time of intimacy with G-d to pour out your hearts through supplication, prayer, and Torah. Available online in streaming video, MP3 or iPod video download at www.naaleh.com
This Shiur is part of Kollel Ohr Yosef - for more on the Kollel go to http://thornhillkollel,com/
Partners In Torah - http://www,partnersintorah,org brings you Harry-s Video Blog and the always entertaining Harry Rothenberg - In this week-s Torah Portion, Parshat Chayei Sarah we learn about the passing of Sarah, our Matriarch - The Torah makes multiple references to the years of her life - Why? Come and listen to find out the answer.
Rabbi Aaron Selevan, is a member of Nishma-s Circle of Scholars www,nishma,org
This class is part of the program of Yeshiva Universitys, Torah MiTzion, Zichron DOV, Toronto, Beit Midrash - www,TorontoTorah,com - This class part of the Adult Learning Program of The BAYT - In Thornhill
Rabbi Daniel Korobkin is The Rav of The BAYT - The Beth Avraham Yoseph Congregation of Torornto
The Short Vort on Emor73- Revii: How to get an \\
This Event Was Recorded at The BAYT - The Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congegation - www,bayt,ca
NCSY - Kurtz - K-baum and extra - Uri Kesterbaum
Daily Mussar Shiur with Rabbi Avraham Gaon: Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Etzion www.yeshivaetzion.com
Meron Israel RASHBI - Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
Yishai Fleisher - Managing Editor of JewishPress,com
Meron - Kever of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
This class was recorded at the Thornhill Community Shul For more contact Thornhill Community Shul, www.thornhillshul.com.
During Sefira, the magic of Shira Choir doesn't disappear; it performs on a whole new level. This musical demonstration highlights stirring harmonies, as Shira Choir brings the niggunim to life, expertly crafting stunning arrangements without the accompaniment of instruments. The smooth blend of voices acts as the perfect backdrop for any simcha, creating an atmosphere of harmonious beauty. Shira Choir is led by Shraga Gold, with sound arranged by Lipa Meisels of Super Sound Studio. For more inf...
This Class Was Recorded at The Westmount Learning Center - Westmount Shul & Learning Centre www,WestmountShul,com 905-881-SHUL (7485)
Rabbi Lau addresses Lag B'omer rally Manchester England
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