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CAMPING DAY 9 - The Road Home
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Date :10 July 2009
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Motel Morning Davening and Learning In the Car
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It is Thursday and that means its time to prepare for Shabbos, but in the woods the process is a little different.
What does the Code of Jewish Law tell us this summer past time.
Summer Camp
Is Sport Fishing Cruelty to Animals? Moshe-Yitzchak says: It Bass or nothing!
We're on the road again - When the downpour seems to extinguish the fire Moshe-Yitzchak thinks about the Pintala Yid
Lubavitch Day Camp News Video Week 4,Toronto, Ontariowww.camplubavitch.caCamp Lubavitch Toronto905-731-7000Produced and Edited by Moishy Korf
On July 14th hundreds of Jewish Camps day and overnight camps from around the NY area came to the lake compound CT amusement park.
When Shabbos goes out July 4 comes in with a BANG!! Then Family hike, the old swimming pond and then we rise to the highest point in Massachusetts
Motel Morning Davening and Learning In the Car
Our Final Day In Our Muddy Campground, Before We Break Camp We Have To Prepare for Shabbos.
The rain seems ever present but we are very conscious of being in Hashem's hands.
What could be Kosher at MacDonald's, don't try this at home.
Gorgeous and then it pours, reminds us of Sukkot!
Now you know where we are.
Betar had a booth at the 2007 Totally Kosher Rib Burn Off. See the fun of the event and perhaps an old friend.
Take a look at some of the amazing activities the campers partook in during this past summer! Our 500+ acre campus has something for everyone! Activities in camp include: Wilderness hiking trails, Horseback riding, Campfires, Zip line, Low & high ropes course, Athletic instruction, Arts 'n crafts, Tennis, Baseball, Archery, Basketball, Climbing wall, Leather crafting, Woodworking, Funyaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Fishing and the BLOB!
Is fishing cruel and so much more? What does the Code of Jewish Law tell us this summer past time.
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