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  • Judge, Jewry and executioner
    Papers all filled with a slurry of stories revolving around a possible court strike, a man being set free, a minister accused of trying to kill the film industry and Nikki Haley’s star turn for America’s Jews
  • Too young for sex ed
    How an innocent I-Love-You WhatsApp message opened a whole can of worms in an Orthodox 4th-grade classroom
  • Bob Dylan to accept Nobel Prize in Stockholm over weekend
    Musician will receive medal and diploma during private meeting, but will not give required lecture for award money
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We are taught never to ask for a test, nor should we test God, save in one instant:
The Prophet Malachi in Chapter 3, Verse 10 states that the test of charity is appropriate:
"Bring all the Ma'aser tithes to the treasury so that there can be food in My House; and put Me to the test on this - said the Lord of Hosts; whether I will not then open for you the the windows of heaven and pour out for you blessing without limit."

KosherTube is dependent on support form our viewers and individual philanthropists who are committed to support the KosherTube Vision of sharing the ancient and eternal words of Torah with the broadest possible community. The commandment of returning a lost object is central to the Code of Jewish Law. The Torah has been lost to many and it is KosherTube's Mitzvah to return it.

We are honored to recognize some of those who have made an extraordinary effort to support KosherTube:
Naomi Seligman                       Yan Milter The Helman Family    
Ernest von Simson                   Robert Lantos                         The Estrah Family

In the words of the Prophet they should be showered with:    "Blessing without limit"