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  • Iran to sign oil, gas deals with Shell
    Billion-dollar expansion projects for offshore oil, gas fields announced as Tehran works to expand its energy sector
  • The plotz thickens
    Inevitable falls rule the day: A legal challenge throws Amona moving plans in the air, Yedioth has a ball over the Defense Ministry admitting it knew about easily googled information, and Israel Hayom cries over a Netanyahu statue that went up then came tumbling down
  • UN watchdog says Iran no longer violating nuke deal
    IAEA report confirms Tehran shipped out extra heavy water, bringing it back in line with pact; former MK detained on bribe-taking suspicions

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Useful Idiots for Palestine
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Date :10 November 2011
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the Tanya video Art project now in englisg - with former known israeli actor Gili Shushan
Frank Gaffney - To the Rescue New Media - National Security
Israel - Nature - Birds, BIBLE, Judaisim, Jews, Jewish, Torah,Talmud, Oral Law, Shulchan AruchCode, Of Jewish Law, Mitzvah, Ethical Question, History, Jewish History, Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, Jew Hatred,Terror, Hatred, War, How To Be Jewish, How To Be A Jew, Israel, Jerusalem, Where In Israel, News Israel, Jewish News, Palestine, Israel, Jew-ish, Zionism
Israel - Women - Business
ublished on 29 Apr 2013 In this video lecture, Center for Security Policy senior fellow Stephen Coughlin explains doctrinal and historical background for the recent jihadist attack in Boston. Beginning with media reports willfully confused about the motivations of the Chechen Mulsim Tsarnaev brothers, Coughlin deconstructs the lineage of the \'individual jihad\' vs \'jihad by bands\' or secret, foreign-controlled cells. MORE INFORMATION, including Key Points: http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy...
Adas Israel - Hamilton Ontario Canada
Welcome To Yeshiva University
Why does passion fade over time? Is there anything that can be done about it? Rabbi Raskin suggests ten practical rules that will improve your marriage.
Remembering Greatness Mr Abraham Ainbinder-Yeshivat Lev HaTorah 10th Anniversary Dinner
Form and Function in a new fusion
Book of Judges Chapter 9 - Rabbi Yehudah Glick
David Mamet on the Jewish Left
short 13 minute video on reconciling Science & Religion - (www.ProfessorSteven Fink.com)
Israel - History??
Featured Movie to Internalize Celebrating the Torah! SPECIAL FROM 12 TRIBE FILMS FROM VIMEO - The Giving of a Torah
Unjustified_ The Unchecked Power of America\'s Justice System
57 A Rosh HaShana - From The Cohen Family
Alpha Beta Hang Out With Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone
You Got A Friend In Me By Musical Legend Randy Newman
Beis Medrash Shoavei Mayim, Toronto) Hanochas Even Hapina (Groundbreaking) of the new building
Hillel Horovitz- Shloshim - 30 - For My Father
The first definitive full-length feature documentary about the journey of the baal teshuvah.
Breslov - hitbodedut,co,il
Seuda for 3rd Printing of Sefarim Authored by HaRav Dov Ber Ehrman ztz\\
Doctors Mission
Dio Lanetzach is a flexible and water-resistant ink for STAM. STAM written with Dio Lanetzach can remain kosher longer than any other STAM. Dio Lanetzach is kosher LeMehadrin LeChatchila.
Leonardo Pisano Bigollo (1170 – 1250) known as Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician, best known to the modern world for the publication in the early 13th century of his Book of Calculation, the Liber Abaci, describing a number sequence named after him known, which he did not discover, but used as an example in the Liber Abaci. Below please find the link to an English 3 minute video about “G-d\'s Fingerprint” illustrating The Fibonacci Numbers sequence. Enjoy!
A Visual View
In this video You will see our New Bigger Factory & New Training School. In those 2 years thanks God and our Loyal Customers, we are getting more and more orders every month from Jewish Communities WorldWide, Medical & Cancer Organizations & Fashion Industries. We hired more specialists, moved to bigger factory and opened Training School, where students from all around the world coming to our factory to learn how to make wigs, wefts, hair extensions, learn to bleach and color hair and understand...
This is a fun arrangement of the Purim Song, In The Days of Achashveiroish. The words of this song are taken from the Megillah, which is read on the Jewish holiday of Purim. I arranged it to include several different piano styles. Freilichen Purim, Chag Sameach Purim, Enjoy!
Steve Savitsky speaks with Michael Dallen and Reverend Jack Saunders about the Noahide Laws and the movement of non-Jews adhering to them. To learn more about the Bnai Noach / Bnei Noah /Noahide Movement and about Noachide Laws or the 7 Laws of Noah visit http://1stcovenant.org and http://7lawsofnoah.blogspot.com. Jack Saunder's personal site: http://www.myspace.com/bnai_noah and a dated article on him accepting Torah as a Ben Noach at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/96347. A ...
teaching part 6
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