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Ohr Torah Stone Torah Lights - Rav Riskin is The Chief Rabbi of Efrat Israel
The Essential Principle of Torah (Life Is A Blessing Spirituality In Torah)
Ohr Torah Stone Torah Lights Rav Riskin Efrat
This Class Was Recorded at The Westmount Learning Center - Westmount Shul & Learning Centre www,WestmountShul,com 905-881-SHUL (7485)
Rabbi Aaron Selevan, is a member of Nishma's Circle of Scholars www,nishma,org
What was the difference between Moses and Joshua
Who was Pinchas? Where did he come from? What was he made of? Was his act of zealotry a true
Herschel Finman examines the connections within Pinchas
"The Women Loved Israel More than the Men Did" -- Rabbi Riskin's Insights into Parshat Pinchas
Rabbi Aaron Selevan, is a member of Nishma's Circle of Scholars www,nishma,org
Why was Pinchas rewarded with a covenant of peace after doing what appears to be an act of harshness? Aren't reward and punishment given
Rabbi Avishai David Rabbi David discusses this weeks Torah Parsha, Parshat Pinchas. In choosing Yehoshua as Moshe Rabbeinu's successor, Hashem imparted a fundamental lesson in the qualifications of a Jewish leader. For more spiritually inspiring Torah insight classes visit
Weekly YouParsha show read by Rabbi Herschel Finman ( YouParsha is produced and edited by Brad Richter at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan (248) 358-9000. YouParsha is made possible in part by a grant from the Paul & Leslie Magy Foundation. Torah, ...
Pinchas, acting out of great zealotry and seemingly harsh (gevurah - din) judgment, performed a great act of chesed - loving kindness - on behalf of the Israelite nation. Therefore, G-d rewarded him with His everlasting covenant of peace - shalom. Pinchas (Numbers 25:10-30:1) Parashat Pinchas is r...
Ladies and gentlemen, we're here to talk about five holy women this week who have really cool names. Mahlah, Noa, Holga, Milcah, and Tirza drop in to teach us this week about asking for what you want...and getting it. That's right, it's the badder than bad, cooler than cool, great sisterly legal min...
A short inspirational idea relating to the weekly Parsha.
Who was Pinchas? Where did he come from? What was he made of? Was his act of zealotry a true Jewish reaction? Was his ability to act in the moment to defend G-ds honor, to assuage G-ds anger a true Jewish reaction? Absolutely! Pinchas (Numbers 25:10-30:1) Parashat Pinchas is read on Shabbat: Tammuz...
It all boils down to consistency. Guest star: Rabbi Moody Stuntman will continue next week. levitv wishlist: camcorder: $899 final cut express: $299 microphones: $200 for further details please send an email to
Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller In this weeks Torah Parsha, Parshat Pinchas, Pinchas' reward of a
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's Insights into Parshat Pinhas -
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