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DMITRIY SALITA vs. James Wayka Final Round TKO
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Date :12 January 2011
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end of the game video problem
Guy Luzon, Israel\'s Under-21 National Team Coach, talks about his team and their hopes for the upcoming championship.
Israel - Sports - Soccer - Arabs and Jews - JN1
Israel - Jerusalem
Naomi Kutin is 10 Years old Weighs 99 Pounds and is an Orthodox Jew!
Produced By Jewish Online Magazine - BG Music BBC Grandstand Theme Tune
Israeli - IDF - Olympics - Athlete
Israel Martial Arts
Anceint Jewish Marshall Arts Tradition
America\'s Best Basketball Player Turns Out Tob Be An Orthodox Jewish Israeli
Naama Shafir Led her team to the WNIT championship
One of the top international basketball players, Milan Macvan, has officially joined Maccabi Tel-Aviv. The Serbian power forward is signed for the next four seasons, after much negotiation with his former Serbian team Hemofarm Stada. The 21 year old player started his carrier as a teenager, earning the Eurocup rising star trophy in 2009. So far this season, Macvan has led his former team with 17 points, 8 rebounds and a 23 index rating through five Eurocup games -infolivetvenglish | December 29,...
I just received this from a friend, Could not resist sharing this with you - It’s the award ceremony from an international weight lifting competition that just happened in Poland (irony of ironies) Israel won! Second and third place were Germany and Iran (imagine that!) There is dramatic irony in seeing these three flags next to each other and the face of the Israeli winner almost bursting into tears near the end of Hatikvah (the Iranian refuses to shake his hand and jumps off the podium as so...
Yuri Foreman is the undefeated WBA Super-Welterweight champion of the world and Israel's first world boxing champion. On June 5th he will be fighting three time world champion Miguel Cotto in the first fight in the new Yankee Stadium.
When they are not learning Mishna, they are heroes of the dusty diamond!
Levi and his sister come to Canada to visit their new niece and find themselves on ICE!
Canadian hockey legends Paul Henderson and Darryl Sittler spark up annual ice hockey tournament in northern Israel along tranquil Lebanon border.
The Abir - Qesheth Warrior Arts are an ancient Ivri (Hebrew) - Yisraeli (Israeli) group of fighting techniques which were preserved by the Jews of Habban, southern Yemen. It is taught by the Aluf Abir - Grandmaster Yehoshua Sofer Maatuf Al-Dowahh at the Stadium Teddy in Malcha (Jerusalem). There are several legends that place Israelite soldiers settling in Arabia forty-two years before the destruction of the First Temple. It is said that under the prophet Jeremiah some 75,000 Israelites, includ...
ABIR GRANDMASTER SOFER talks to Elie Seckbach about Abir the only Kosher martial Arts out there.
Elie Seckbach reports from Jerusalem Israel
CNN reports on UT Lady Rocket Na'ama Shafir, the story of how an Orthodox Jewish woman balances her faith with playing college basketball.
Located on Oahu's North Shore in Hawaii. A spiritual refuge for surfers from all over the world, and non surfers.
On a dusty park near Tel Aviv the Israel Baseball League is bringing the professional ball game to Israel for the first time!
From The First Basket, the greatest Jewish basketball documentary ever. Scenes of pro basketball in Israel from the greatest Jewish basketball documentary in the world.
You can see more at www.thefirstbasket.com From The First Basket, the greatest Jewish basketball documentary ever. A clip about Judaism and sports, and playing in schoolyards in the early days.
Ossie Schectman scores the first point in the NBA
This clip of video was shown at the 37th Annual Y Sports Dinner (2009). Gerald Levin was in the top 5 candidates for Canadian Jewish Amateur Athlete of the Year and in line to win the Max & Idy Nusgart Memorial Award, he did not win but was considered the runner-up. This is a pretty big deal in Canada and the one and only Peyton Manning was the primary speaker at this year's event. Congrats Gerald!
learn more at www.thefirstbasket.com From The First Basket, the greatest Jewish basketball documentary ever. Learn how Jews impacted the evolution of pro basketball.
learn more at www.thefirstbasket.com From The First Basket, the greatest Jewish basketball documentary ever.
You don't have to be Jewish to love HOLY LAND HARDBALL. You don't even have to like baseball. You just have to believe in the power of holding on to your hopes and dreams and overcoming impossible odds. HOLY LAND HARDBALL follows the unlikely formation of the Israel Baseball League by Larry Baras, a bakery owner from Boston with no prior sports management experience. In his effort to bring America's pastime to the Israeli people, Baras recruits 120 diverse ballplayers for the IBL. Among them ...
For 3 Weeks In the Summer Canadian Orthodox Boys Work On Their Hockey Skills
Sandy's career ended too soon due to arm injury. But for 5 years, no one could touch him.
NBA giant Red Auerbach gave his last filmed interview to Burt Kearns & Brett Hudson of Frozen Pictures for inclusion in the documentary feature, Basketball Man, about the life and legacy of basketball's inventor, Dr. James Naismith (on DVD in February). This clip is but a small portion of the complete, comprehensive, interview, which will be featured as a bonus extra on the DVD set.
Not even three days into camp and already we're off on a trip! River canoeing was a great way to keep the fun flowing in that awesome first week of camp! Horseback riding on Friday afternoons was just one of many fun choice activities available for campers to choose from!
Yiddish Baseball Song2008 will mark the 75th Anniversary of Hank Greenberg\'s rookie year. As baseball\'s first Jewish all-time Great, Greenberg attracted a whole generation of American Jews to baseball, and it was their children and grand-children who have gone on to become owners, coaches, players, executives, sportswriters, broadcasters, statisticians and, most of all, fans. No player has had a greater historical impact on the attachment of American Jews to America\'s Game.Henry Benjamin \
Nighthawks Head Coach Lawrence Moten and Guard Tamir Goodman on Comcast Sportsnet's Washington Post Live
Ukrainian Born Jewish Boxing Champion Dmitriy Salita.
Baseball player Hank Greenberg was one of the first Jewish superstars in American professional sports. He garnered national attention in 1934 when he refused to play baseball on Yom Kippur.
Elie Seckbach reports about Valley Torah High School's basketball team
Catching Up with the Jewish Jordan
Mike Goldman from Slamball doesn't need trampolines!
A compelling story about the religious transformation of former Dallas Cowyboy and Green Bay Packer's star Alan Veingrad. Alan was a member of the Super Bowl XXVII World Champion Dallas Cowboy Team in 1992 and uses sports metaphors to characterize his journey, and vividly relates the discipline of being a professional football player, to success in life. Visit www.alanveingrad.com for more info.
Ben Sahar (Hebrew: ?? ???, born 10 August 1989 in Holon, Israel) is an Israeli footballer, currently playing at Chelsea F.C. of the English Premier League. Sahar is known as one of Israel's brightest talents, according to Chelsea. At 16, he was already the equivalent of a second year apprentice at Chelsea [1]. He first caught Chelsea's eye in an Under-16 fixture against Ireland in 2004 and has since played for the Israeli Under-21 National Team and the Israeli National Team. Before transferring ...
An inspirational film commissioned by a Jewish sports charity to motivate new members and sponsors to support their activities. The film was scripted and edited by our team from archive material. We also dubbed sound and recorded an original music track.
Some highlights
Tamir's basketball skills
Tamir's basketball skills
remember this dude?? (the religious jewish b-ball player)-- conducting a clinic at kfar habad-- yehi hamelekh!!
The Jewish Sports Legacy series Volume 1 is a DVD collection of RARE vintage action footage. It is the most complete action history of the legendary Jewish Basketball players of the 20th century. Over 30 players! Brought to the screen, in all their glory, all together for the first time. Dolph Shayes, Larry Brown, Bary Kramer, Rudy LaRusso, Neal Walk, Lennie Rosenbluth, Ernie Grunfeld, Art Heyman and many more!
More news clips about Tamir
Theatrical trailer for documentary on Dmitriy Salita, a Russian immigrant, professional boxer and religious Jew.
jewish boxer
Dan Duquette is prominently involved. How can this venture fail?
Vic Flores interviews Dmitriy \
A brief overview about the future Jr. Welterweight champ of the world On November 22, 2003, KCAL 9 aired this montage about Dimitry. The piece runs for about four and a half minutes. Props to KCAL, they did a nice job.
Salita vs Shawn Gallegos August 25, 2005 for NABA Title, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York Dmitriy came into the ring ushered by the reggae superstar Matisyahu and was in charge from the get-go, dropping Gallegos in round six and ending things in the ninth to claim the NABA Title .
He is a sharp, accurate puncher with good handspeed. He is also relentless.
Tamir Goodman dunks against macabi tel aviv following the ESPN clip
News clips about Tamir Goodman
boxing champ dmitriy star of david salita elie seckbach reporting
A new concept in youth outreach using the challenge and beauty of surfing.http://www.surfingrabbi.com
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