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ISRAEL wins in Poland and Iranian refuses shaking hands - 2010
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Date :29 November 2010
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I just received this from a friend, Could not resist sharing this with you - It’s the award ceremony from an international weight lifting competition that just happened in Poland (irony of ironies) Israel won! Second and third place were Germany and Iran (imagine that!) There is dramatic irony in seeing these three flags next to each other and the face of the Israeli winner almost bursting into tears near the end of Hatikvah (the Iranian refuses to shake his hand and jumps off the podium as soon as he can, but he’s there for Hatkivah) - It’s funny how a moment on some stage in Poland can so dramatically encapsulate our existential condition - he winner SERGIO BRITVA is JEWISH FROM BRAZIL (World Masters Weightlifting - Poland 2010 - Medal Ceremony cat 105, men\'s 35 39) [More] [Less]
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