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Fixing God’s Mistakes…?

Nobel Prize Winner Robert Aumann discusses some economic issues from a Torah perspective.

Of note, Professor Aumann’s definition of Tikun Olam (Repairing the World): essentially, fixing incentives.

What do you think?

(Watch the video from within KosherTube.)

One Response to “Fixing God’s Mistakes…?”

  1. Morain says:

    Your question, “Fixing God’s Mistakes…?” touches on a large philosophical question: If God Created Man, and God Knows All, then why did He create any systems or tests in the Torah that He Knew Man would fail? Like the forgiving of loans at shmitta or like the Flood. Why did God create these systems/tests? Are we to think that: 1. God was teaching us a lesson that we could only learn from experience or 2. Because God also created Free Will: Did Man fail to reach his potential? If the second is the answer, Tikun Olam can be more specifically translated into Fixing Man’s Mistakes…

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