Israel was not created in order to disappear—Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.  -  President John Kennedy

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Rebbitzen Chana Weisberg
Senior Lecturer for Arachim, member of Kollel Nahar Shalom in Eretz Yisrae
Profiles of Faith - Produced by Soli Israel Foger (Rabbi Chaim Brovender)
U 1Question_100 People_Let_Us_Stand_Together OHEL
NYC Jewish Poverty - Nick Harper for JN1
Rabbi Daniel Korobkin is The Rav of The BAYT - The Beth Avraham Yoseph Congregation of Torornto
The Hidden Structure of the 10 Commandments
A beautiful poem by an anonymous person that conveys how we are lacking Ahavat Chinam... I hope I did it justice because its truly beautiful... May we see the coming of Mashiach, with peace, beyameinu, Amen
Rabbi Trugman answers the question- How can we achieve Jewish Unity?
Rabbi Chaim Moshe answers the comments of his viewers.
How should we view the events of the tragedy in Haiti?
For more than two hundred of the Rabbi's lectures, visit
Why does this man have a laminated business card?
A heroic journey of an entrepreneur doing the right thing, even though it led to the company filing bankruptcy.
Inspiring tale of personal development
Birchas Hachama ( Understand the intricacies of this rare event as never before! Incredible visuals and narratives clarify exactly what makes Birchas Hachama a once in 28 year event. A production available exclusively from Oorah.
Rabbi Yehuda Oppenheimer give a definitive class on this most rare of religious events.
Rabbi Yehuda Oppenheimer give a definitive class on this most rare of religious events.
Birkat HaChoma 1
The wonders of creation... found in the seed of an apple. Master of Appreciation, Rav MIller is at his best at teaching us to appreciate the master designer of the universe.
This Torah shiur (class) on Sefer Yirmiyahu, Rabbi Avishai David compares the content and structure of perek 21, which is addressed tothe king, and perek 22, which is addressed to the king and the nationat the Beit Hamikdash; Rabbi David quotes the works of Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik and Rabbi Aharon Soloveitchik as he defines the nuances within justice, as demonstrated with the many terms for justice which are mentioned in the Torah.
Part 2 of 2 why thousands of Jews are tapping into the Blueprint and learning the secret to success and happiness. This short movie is cool and inspirational, spiritual and mystical and relevant to life.
Gateways is unlocking the treasure of Jewish heritage for Jews throughout america. See it in action.
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