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Shabbos- Shabbat Sabbath - Plowing
Oora\'s founder, Rabbi Chaim Mintz, giving his weekly lecture from The Torah Spot in Staten Island on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012. This weeks topic was \\
Shalom Sesame
From The JLI - Cooking - Shabbos
Aish Partners Conference 2010
Rabbi Brovender, of, refers back to the pesukim in Yeshayahu to show how the Rabbis permit in certain instances discussing, and even acting on Shabbat in order to prepare for a mitzva that will be performed after Shabbat.
Ki Eshmera Shabbat - Rabbi Hagay Batzri, Sam Glazer, Moshav band
Rabbi Chaim Brovender, of, speaks about the issues related to speaking
Rabbi Chaim Brovender discusses the prohibition of reading Ketubot on Shabbat, a classic example of
Rabbi Chaim Brovender, of, discusses some of the halachot involved in tidying up the house on Shabbat when it is already late in the day, when your efforts will likely be of more benefit to you after Shabbat than it will be on Shabbat itself.
Rabbi Chaim Brovender, of, discusses the prohibition of preparing on Shabbat for After Shabbat, as compared to preparing on Shabbat for later on that Shabbat. For example, making a bed on Shabbat is dependent on whether the bed will be slept in later that same Shabbat.
Rabbi Chaim Brovender of, examines whether or not
Rabbi Chaim Brovender, of, addresses a student's question of how one can deal with inadvertently seeing or reading advertisements on Shabbat.
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