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And Yitzchak went out to meditate in the field. (Genesis 24:63) Prayer, like planting a seed, is an investment of hope and faith, which bears fruit in a world enhanced by our love of G-d. Chayei Sara (Genesis 23:1-25:18) Parashat Chayei Sara is read on Shabbat: Marcheshvan 27, 5770/November 14, 200...
The Weekly Torah Portion With Rabbi David Marcus - Chayei Sarah. 11/20/08
Another 'video kesher' in the Yeshivat Maale Gilboa series - this one is for Hayyei Sarah (5770). Rav Yehuda Gilad, Rosh haYeshivah, shares insights into the succession of Avraham. For more information see .
The three land purchases recorded in the Holy Torah: Avraham's purchase of the cave of Machpelah in Hevron, Yaakov's purchase of the field in Shechem, and David's purchase of the threshing floor on Mount Moriah. Establishing the Jewish presence in the land forever.
Reuben Ebrahimoff affectionately known as the Haftorahman explains this weeks Haftara Chayei Sarah
YouParsha - Chaya Sora 5770Weekly YouParsha show read by Rabbi Herschel Finman ( YouParsha is produced and edited by Brad Richter at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan (248) 358-9000. YouParsha is made possible in part by a grant from the Paul & Lesl...
Are we physical or spiritual? Maybe we can mix both and help refine the world one step at a time...levitv wishlist:camcorder: $899microphones: $200for info and comments please contact us @
Amazing mathematical equation from the Vilna Gaon that 400 Shekel was Podeh the equivalent area for 600k people Parashat CHayey Sara
Rabbi Aaron Selevan, is a member of Nishma's Circle of Scholars www,nishma,org
Parshat Chayei Sara, Mrs. Chana Prero elucidates Avraham Avinu's instruction to his servant Eliezer, asEliezer embarks on a mission to find a wife for Yitzchak Avinu. Theclass discusses why Yitzchak could not marry a Canaanite woman, and whyEliezer chose to use a sign to help him complete his missio...
Rabbi Hershel Reichman discusses Eliezer's mission to find a wife for Yitzchak. The Shem MiShmuel focuses on Eliezer's ability to overcome his own interest and his subsequent success.
Rabbi Shimon Isaacson vort on Parshat Chayei Sarah.
Mrs. Shira SmilesShort Torah Vort of Parshat Chayei Sarah.
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