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Aaron Bensoussan on vocals and Oud performing a popular traditional Ladino Folk Song at the opening gala concert of Jewish Music Week Toronto from Bible to Broadway at the beautiful and historic Petah Tikva Anshe Castilla Congregation in Toronto - Joined by the master violinist from Montreal Charles...
Performed by Chazzan Dr. Aviv Ouanounou and Chazzan David Kadoch
Performed by Chazzan Dr. Aviv Ouanounou and Chazzan David Kadoch
Moroccan Daily HalakhotLa Halakha Marocaine Quotidienne
Moroccan Daily Halakhot La Halakha Marocaine Quotidienne Sung by: nz
Sukkot 5770 Rochester NY
Moroccan Daily Halakhot La Halakha Marocaine Quotidienne This is sung at the time of Peti?at haHechal on the first day of Shavu'ot. Sung by: Ribi Momy Assayag z
Ladino Sephardic Song, with lyrics and transliteration.
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