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Top - RABBINIC VOICES - Mrs Esther Wein

Mrs Esther Wein the 3 weeks - (Part 1 - Fragmentation - Playtime - 47:43)
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Date :14 July 2014
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The Creation of Darkness 2012 02 02 - For Torah Anytime
Galut means LGALOT- to expose. Exposing the discrepancy between a nation or a persons outer image and inner reality leaves them
Moshe identifies the cause of exile as the sin of speaking Loshon Hara. Our ability to devalue others and deceive them and even deceive ourselves comes from forgetting who we really are
After identifying numerous indications that this Galut will be long and incomprehensible - we turn to the Shema as the secret to our eternal renewed strength.
8th - 9th and 10th of Tevet - Siege on the Mind Assers B-Teves - For Torah Anytime - 2012 01 05
To ensure that the Light of the first era of Jewish History remains burning brightly, Yehuda (Leah) makes a promise to always protect Binyamin (Rachel) During the Galut. Hashem adds His promise that He will bind His name to Am Yisrael, this is a guarantee that we will successfully overcome the Galut and both our name and Gds name will be restored
Mrs Esther Wein - Yehuda and Yosef Mind and Heart 2009 12 24 = For Torah Anytime
Mikeitz and Chanukah: Fatalism and Freedom: Pharoas Chanukah Dreams - For Torah Anytime
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HaMakom - Mrs Esther Wein - For Torah Anytime
Sarah's burial in the earth, next to Eve, begins the 1000 year period of the earth restored to System - Queen Esther appears at the juncture between the 1st period of Jewish history where System 1 is fully exposed, and the 2nd period (hester Panim) where system 2 is concealed.
Understanding The Word - For Torah Anytime - Genesis 23:1-25:20 Bereshis
Part 3 of our series on Fear vs. Emunah. System 1 (Emunah that only Hashem provides) will not tolerate System two behavior with regards to Avraham, Sara or Eretz Yisrael, The stories of Avimelech and Sodom illustrate this)
Nature, including human nature, was designed to deliver all our needs in the most pleasurable way, as long as we know that it is Hashem providing for us via nature - Nature will not cooperate with us if we let ourselves relate to it as if IT was the provider - Nature will turn her back on us and we will find ourselves living in fear, working so hard to secure our survival - This will pit man against man. In the end all the nations will no longer live in fear, warring with each other for resource...
The state we were created in and for is one of security and joy - We opt to
Noach - Moshe and the New Nature of Man (Mrs Esther Wein for Torah Anytime - 2009 10 22)
WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF THE TORAH? Originally Recorded forTorah AnyTime
Their cries are examples of yearnings of different sorts.We explore fear, desire true prayer and what to think about on Rosh Hashana - Playtime 53:46 - 2016 09 29
The Mussaf Amida of Rosh HaShana is fashioned after the prayer of Chana - At first glance it seems that Chana did nothing but cut a tough deal with Gd - In this class we learn how Abraham introduced the true model of Gds relationship with creation, and how deal making is non Jewish - We explain the Shema and the power of the Shofar.
Esther Wein Published on 8 Sep 2016 Mishpat/Justice and Tzedakah/Righteousness are indivisible - Mishpat allows us to justify ourselves to the world - however Tzedakah asks us to justify the world to ourselves - Tzedakah must mitigate Mishpat as part of truth - The way to cultivate a generous spirit is to develop a
Misconceptions abound regarding the purpose of Mitzvot. Rambam sorts through much of the nonsense about reward and punishment and explains what we are truly meant to strive for, and how the mitzvot help us to attain it.
The Instinct to Worship and Its Danger - Mrs Esther Wein For Torah Anytime
The terms - Yetzer Hara and Yetzer Hatov - are explained in light of the ideas we have been working with. We explain what a 'Rasha' is and what a 'Tzaddik' is what 'bad' and 'good' mean, and where we find ourselves when we become 'non religious'
Self Control and Self expansion are both expressions of the human drive to be More. Declining that which limits us, and developing our selves causes other to be able participate more in our lives. Chessed is not what we Do for others, it is our own excess, that overflows and nourishes all our co creations. This is our participation in Gds existence
Parah Adumah and Techiyat Hameitim 2011 06 30 - Mrs Esther Wein For Torah Anytime
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What was the nature of Korach complaint? Originally recorded for TorahAnytime
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Miriams Machloket - disagreement- Moshe - For Torah Anytime
Mrs Esther Wein Parshat Behaalotcha- The Sin of Being Irrational 2013 05 23 - For Torah Anytime
Originally recorded for Torah Anytime
This shiur further explores the topic of alienation from Gd, others and the self. By understanding the message of Kohelet, we learn the true meaning of Hevel...
Mrs Esther Wein For Torah Anytime
In this class we decode the language of the story of the Garden of Eden - The Garden, Man, Woman, Snake and Tree are all descriptions of inter psychic forces - How the relationship between Man and Gd changes and how that determines our relationship with others is explained - Cain and Hevel are understood as the inevitable outcome of
Parshat Emor The Blasphemer - For Torah Anytime
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